A powerful evil. A deadly destiny. Will a young warrior fulfill his calling or doom millions of lives?

Komir has always been an outcast. Despite his incredible skill, his mysterious origins have kept the tribe from giving the nineteen-year-old the respect he craves. But when the young warrior suffers a shocking act of violence, he sets off from the only home he’s ever known in search of justice.

Guided by his mother’s medallion, Komir and a growing band of allies stumble across a mythical temple from a lost civilization. But as they reveal unthinkable magic and dark secrets, the group unknowingly triggers a bloody prophecy. One that could send black-magic invaders swarming across every corner of the continent. Or even something more deadly.

Can Komir accept his destiny before a sinister force condemns the kingdoms to a devastating reign of ruin?

Marked is the first book in the Ilenian Enigma epic fantasy series. If you like swords and sorcery, treachery and intrigue, and powerful magic, then you’ll love Pedro Urvi’s kingdom-spanning tale.

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Enjoy a thrilling adventure!


November 1, 2012