Mystery in the Tundra

The war is intensifying. So is the training at the Camp. Will Lasgol and his friends survive both?

The Corrupt Lord of the Ice has been rejected. King Uthar is seeking to kill him once and for all. But Darthor has retreated to the Frozen Continent with his forces.

Lasgol and his friends are making every effort to pass their third year of instruction, where the tests change from practical competitions to real missions where they risk their lives. Conflicts, rivalries and love will emerge more strongly than ever.

Egil and Lasgol will discover the truth about the King’s Secret and the identity of the real enemy. They will choose sides and try to persuade their teammates. Will they manage to?

King Uthar will invade the Frozen Continent with his hosts to put an end to Darthor. The Rangers, including Lasgol and his friends, will find themselves involved in the campaign of war. They will discover the Mystery of the Tundra in the Frozen Continent and take part in the great battle for the North.

Will Lasgol and his friends survive the third year of instruction? Will they survive the war in the North, the treachery and double-crossing?

Find out in the third part of this fascinating series of young adult epic fantasy.

Enjoy these action-filled, magical, romantic adventures!

February 20, 2022