Book Two in the international bestselling fantasy series The Golden Gods. 

Join thousands of readers from all over the world in this thrilling experience. An epic adventure in a breathtaking universe. Fantasy, magic, in a never seen before dystopian setting.

Discover a fascinating world ruled by merciless Gods. Join the slaved people of the seas in their quest for freedom and survival. Entrancing characters you will love. Experience an exotic world, mystery, and non stop action. A story with intense romance and passionate characters. Sword fight, magic, thrill, in a coming of age story of love and honor.

In a dystopic world, the Senoca, the People of the Sea have been enslaved by the Golden Gods. They live within the limits of the Boundary, for only one purpose: produce for the Gods or die. There are rumors that the unthinkable has happened, that a group of Senoca has managed to escape from the Eternal City from the Gods’ own dwelling. Seven are the Heroes that have seen the faces of the Gods and have lived.

A story of brotherly love, survival, fighting, loyalty and the search for freedom.


February 27, 2017