Book Two in the international bestselling fantasy series The Golden Gods.

  • Join thousands of readers from all over the world in this thrilling experience.
  • An epic adventure in a breathtaking universe.
  • Fantasy, magic, in a never seen before dystopian setting.
  • Discover a fascinating world ruled by merciless Gods.
  • Join the slaved people of the seas in their quest for freedom and survival.
  • Entrancing characters you will love.
  • Experience an exotic world, mystery, and non stop action.
  • A story with intense romance and passionate characters.

Sword fight, magic, thrill, in a coming of age story of love and honor.


In a dystopic world, the Senoca, the People of the Sea have been enslaved by the Golden Gods. They live within the limits of the Boundary, for only one purpose: produce for the Gods or die.

There are rumors that the unthinkable has happened, that a group of Senoca has managed to escape from the Eternal City,from the Gods’ own dwelling.

Seven are the Heroes that have seen the faces of the Gods and have lived.

A story of brotherly love, survival,fighting, loyalty and the fight for freedom.

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