Book Two in the international bestselling Fantasy series.

  • Join thousands of readers all over the world in this thrilling saga.
  • A classic epic fantasy bursting with intrigue and action.
  • Immerse yourself in this fantastic adventure, packed with mystery and action.
  • Discover a vast and fascinating universe of fantasy filled with lively, unique, entrancing characters.

CONFLICT is the second book of The Ilenian Enigma. The author recommends beginning with MARKED (Book #1) to fully enjoy the experience.

  • The fantasy adventure continues in the fascinating universe of Tremia. The lead characters of the different plot-strands struggle to survive and reach their goals,surrounded by intrigue, mystery, treason and magic.
  • War, darkness and evil loom over the continent. Will Komir and his friends survive the dangers lurking in wait for them? Will they uncover the mysteries that surround the Lost Civilization?
  • Who will come out victorious in the fight for power? Who will perish?
  • Find out by immersing yourself in this world of Fantasy, Steel, Magic and Love.
  • Go on a quest filled with intense, passionate romance, action and magic.

The Ilenian Enigma:
MARKED (Book #1)
CONFLICT (Book #2)
TRIALS (Book #3)
DESTINY (Book #4)

A saga that will keep you gripped!